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Which products do we have to offer?

We recorded practice CDs, custom tailored to the relevant set (1st or 2nd  trumpet, tenor oder bass), which provides  you optimum practice  of your set.

The CDs contain references to the respective notes, which are the basis of each recording  (ISBN- numbers) and, upon request, the notes can be supplied as PDF-Files.

f.e. for 1st trumpets:                                                              

Melodia: a selection of beautiful hymns and  solo trumpets

f.e. for 2nd trumpets:                                                            

Alto Brutale: a CD containing  challenging alto-sets                           

f.e. for high trombones and tenorhorns :                         

Tenor Challenge: great heights and  melodious runs in selected Bach-hymns.

f.e. for low trombones and other bass instruments:   

Max Bass: practice magnificent basslines 


CDs can be put together individually as well

 (though it may increase the price just a trifle :-) )


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